Pleated skirt – new cuts, colours and fashion details

The pleated skirt reaffirmed its presence on the catwalk in recent years. It blossomed thanks to new cuts, colours and fashion details .The pleated skirt is now available as a kilt, as uniform as sports kit, as a costume or as a hip fashion look. The pleated skirt was used to make women look wider. In particular, the pleated plaid skirt was perfectly suited to put a few pounds in addition to the female hips.

The pleated skirt is practically because it does not slip, it is not wrinkled and it does not lose its shape. This is also the reason why the armour-like pleated skirt was part of many folk costumes and school uniforms. However, it is necessary to distinguish between the wavy side down wrinkles, folds, which abut each other in the middle of the depth of wrinkles, the crush so-called or manufactured pleats and folds and the pleats. The latter ensured that the pleated skirt is assembled at again in the closets of fashion-conscious women.

As first discovered designers such as Issey Miyake and Roy Halston the pleated skirt is ready for new exploits. The fold gives the fabric /almost architectural features/, which makes it especially interesting in terms of design for designers. To the fans of Halston designs were not only in the 1960-s and 1970-s, Bianca Jagger, Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor, but also Patricia Field, the stylist of the cult series “Sex and the City.” Carrie Bradshaw also helped for the fashion comeback of pleated skirts.

The accurate folds and storied past make the pleated skirt for a fashion piece very special kind of the same time it allows the woman to make a discreet sexy statement. For brevity, Opaque and the pleated skirt combination possibilities are endless. While it virtually prohibits the miniskirt to show cleavage, or to combine a too tight top, the pleated skirt is screaming for sensual combinations.

The pleated skirt looks great, combined with open blouse, sensual accessories, tight-fitting tops, midriff tops or cut shirts. The designers also venturing closer to designs that are more individual – Gucci recently presented a knee-length pleated skirt with psychedelic black and white pattern.