Leather bags – unique fashion accessories

Leather bags are sturdy and stylish! They are true all-rounder and essential for every woman: leather bags! Whether in classic black, warm brown colours or fancy bright colours – leather bags are a perfect addition to the appearance of any woman. In addition, colours are different, and materials and designs can boast of a huge variety.

Shoppers, Tote Bag, Clutch, Sachtel or briefcase – leather bags are available in countless variations and should be present in any well-stocked accessory collection. With leather bags, you cannot go wrong. The high quality material speaks for itself. It is durable and you can wearer it for years. In this sense, we can say that leather bags are loyal companions. For leather bags, suede example is necessary more attention, since they are more sensitive to dirt than their sisters, which are made from leather or patent leather.

Therefore, impregnation is especially important for suede leather bags. In this way, a beautiful new bag in beige or vanilla colours can be damaged by rain. For leather bags, is recommended care with special products such as leather care products, leather spray or suitable oils and fats. To keep the leather soft long and does not crack. For leather bags, the care should be taken when cleaning, for example, only a suede brush, a sponge or a foam.

Suede, leather or snakeskin?

Leather bags are a type of question whether leather bags made of goatskin, cowhide, pigskin or from exotic crocodile, buffalo or python leather. Leather bags always look perfectly and give every outfit a final change. Due to the different tanning and wear, leather bags are able to add a touch of uniqueness to your appearance. Who wants to be sure that he always carries exclusive leather bags, he should best look in thrift stores or grandma’s closet or redesign the new model with a few simple steps.

For example, the “Birkin” by Hermès is one of the most famous leather bags in the world. It was named after the style icon Jane Birkin, which in the 60s and 70s caused a sensation.